Unpacking the ESG Concept
Unpacking the ESG concept
ESG, also known as environmental, social, and governance, is a set of aspects and an analytical framework...
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What is ESG investing
For most of the 20th century, the primary objective of firms is to generate profits. The positive and...
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How NLP can improve ESG Investing
Natural Language Processing (NLP) has the potential to improve ESG investing in a number of ways, from...
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ESG sustainability : Industries with the highest impact on the environment
Issuers and funds are faced with increasingly complex ESG disclosure requirements. On 28 July 2022, The...
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Leverage NLP to Unlock ESG Insights
Takeaways: 1. More than half of ESG metrics are qualitative and unstructured, consisting of text and...
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Decoding ESG Regulations in Hong Kong
As capital markets professionals increasingly prioritize sustainable investments, it’s no surprise that...
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