Use Case

Automate Document Due Diligence with Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)
Due diligence is a comprehensive and systematic examination or investigation to evaluate and verify the...
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Monitor Megatrends using AI-powered Search and Automatic Alerts
Monitoring peer activities, news, and capital transactions can provide insights into emerging trends...
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Automating Investment Screening and ESG Reporting using Generative AI for Asset Managers 
ESG Investing Trends  The practice of investing in companies or funds with sustainable operations...
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Digitizing your knowledge by making virtual data rooms smarter with AI technology 
Data Room is a virtual space used to store and share confidential files and information securely. Usually...
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Unveiling the Power of Equity Research: Guiding Investors Amidst Market Complexity
In the dynamic world of finance, equity research emerges as an indispensable tool for investors navigating...
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Streamlining Precedent Search Workflow: Enhancing Capital Markets Transaction Research
In the context of capital markets, precedent search plays a crucial role in interpreting and applying...
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Formulating New Thematic Funds with the assistance of AI and NLP
Introducing Thematic Investing Thematic investing is a top-down investment approach that capitalizes...
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Navigating 1
Navigating the increasingly complex post-listing disclosure requirements with AI
The journey of listing a company can be a complex and challenging endeavor, requiring the submission...
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ipo verification2
IPO Prospectus Verification: How AI can save 75% time from capital markets legal workflows
When companies fundraise using debt (e.g., bond issuance) or equity (e.g., initial public offering),...
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esg benchmarking2
Leveraging AI Technology for ESG Benchmarking and Peer Tracking in Hong Kong
Market Backdrop In recent years, ESG (environmental, social, and governance) has emerged as an important...
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Leverage AI 2222
Automating Credit Assessment in Commercial Loans with Document Intelligence
Background In the fast-paced world of commercial and industrial lending, banks face the ongoing challenge...
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green loan 2
Streamlining Green Loan and Sustainability-Linked Loan Assessments with AI-Powered ESG Disclosures Analysis
Background Following the release of the Paris Agreement, both Hong Kong and China have set ambitious...
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Enhancing Prospectus Verification: The Role of IPO Lawyers and the Impact of AI Technology
  Investors and analysts frequently refer to a stock prospectus before making a deal. However, a prospectus...
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