Wizpresso was featured by Wen Wei Po for its insights on driving innovation and technology in Hong Kong’s economic development. 

May 18, 2024—Wizpresso was featured in Wen Wei Po’s news article on driving innovation and technology in Hong Kong’s economic development. The news highlights the utilization of Hong Kong’s research capabilities to promote economic and industrial transformation, achieve productivity growth, and empower regional development. 

In the article, our founder Calvin Cheng emphasized the importance of government support in fostering the growth of local startups. He shared his views on the challenges of fundraising for early-stage startups. “The Government can consider implementing tax incentives to encourage family offices and private investors to invest in early-stage companies in Hong Kong”, Calvin says, further accelerating innovation and venture growth in the city. 

Calvin also discussed the opportunities for international startups in securing funding in Hong Kong. He proposed leveraging Hong Kong’s position as an international financial center to attract startups from around the world, especially from mainland China and Southeast Asia, providing them with access to potential investors. 

“We believe that Hong Kong has the potential to become a thriving hub for innovation and technology,” said Calvin. “By providing support and creating favorable conditions for local startups, we can foster an environment where entrepreneurs can thrive, driving economic growth and technological advancements.” 

Wizpresso’s commitment to advancing Hong Kong’s innovation and technology landscape contributes to the region’s economic development. Through innovative solutions and research, Wizpresso is dedicated to providing trust, verification, and due diligence AI technology to stakeholders, boosting efficiency and transparency. 

Read More: https://www.wenweipo.com/a/202405/18/AP6647b97ae4b0890d337a5ef8.html 

About Wen Wei Po: 

Wen Wei Po is a pro-Beijing state-owned newspaper based in Hong Kong. The newspaper was established in Hong Kong on 9 September 1948, 10 years after the launch of its Shanghai counterpart in 1938.